Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Women not only stepped up, but individually said, "I Ran" for freedom..

Life has brought me to live, work, visit, and travel through much of the Middle East. It was Arabia’s oppression of women and stark desolation within the deserts –gone even as far as to call a colossal section “the Empty Quarter.” What an unusual world to mirror my own oppression and desolation. It was She who gave me courage to face the desert storms and begin healing – emotionally and more important, spiritually. I came out from behind my own veil, which I share and intimate understanding of the brave, empowered women finally saying, “Enough! I AM one with lightness and peace and hope and love.

We are still breaking away from old beliefs. NEDA, a precious soul, quietly observing the strength of her sisters. As I saw the light of youth and life leave her beautiful eyes, I knew she was, in that instant, being picked up and held by the wings of angels.

It is said that this millennium will see women empowered over the brutality that men have brought to them. It is women who will now bring peace.

What a magical gift-from NEDA and Iran’s women…to Somalia and Sudan…to Saudi…to my soul—women of the world will follow the lead of those who have begin the journey with strength!

The beginning of civilization—Iran—has brought us full circle; Her women lead us to peace. A global spiritual consciousness is ALL we have for them. Let’s each send love and angel wings to cocoon them as they stand in unity and die in the arms of our souls -- for all of us; this is the most we can do. Thank you NEDA & your brave sisters! Angels will slowly ease the pain within your family and friends and you shall forever be known as the innocent young woman who reminded us to shout silently so as to be heard throughout our universe...


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Dear Mrs/Ms. Whitehouse

I would just like to write to you to let you know how your writings have encouraged me in many areas. Upon reading "Circles in the Sand", I came to realize that I am not alone. In my deep longing to step on Middle Eastern soil, it somehow feels as though I know I would be going home. I am from Canada as well, and have yet to have a story so touch me, comfort me and validate some areas in my life where I have struggled. Thank you for this memoir/autobiography, it is one that will not soon be forgotten.

Deepest Regards