Monday, March 28, 2011


THIS is something SO magical, I just feel compelled to share it with you…

Forget wondering why the Law of Attraction isn't working for you - because the ones that truly know the answer... the 'ones' that have been doing this for years on end with HUGE success... are the ones you have access to right now!

There's not only The Secret Stars Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle and John Assaraf but today, you'll also hear from Dr. Joe Vitale and Natalie Ledwell- as she outlines a recipe for success that you can start using immediately. You see, Natalie shares five powerful steps that will quickly get you manifesting super effectively…

Five Powerful Steps For Manifesting Everything

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The Easiest Way To Visualize

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happiness and Forgiveness From My Heart - I forgive myself and ask others to forgive me for any sorrow or pain

Winter Challenge DAY 11 AUDIO from Chopra Center on Vimeo.

There are two realms from which we can live our life: from a reference point of the true self or from a reference point of external objects – things outside of the self. When we seek happiness or fulfillment from external objects – pursuing what David Simon refers to as the “three Ps”: our positions (titles and circumstances), possessions, and other people (our relationships) – we become dependent on that outside force delivering our needs. Yet these are all transient so they have to end at some point. And when they do, we are in a victim position where we are unable to meet our own needs because we have placed the power outside of us.

In object referral we come from the ego, NOT the self, and therefore we are always seeking the approval of others. We perform every action in anticipation of some response. Therefore this comes from a place of fear or constricted awareness. We try to control things outside of us: a team winning, an answer coming, a stock going up, etc. The need for approval, the need to control things, and the need for external power are all based on fear. When we experience the power of the self, there is no fear, no desire to control, no need for external approval, and no critical need for power.

Shifting into Self-Referral

In contrast to object referral, the experience of self-referral is when your internal reference point is your own spirit, and not the objects of your experience. Your true self is free of all those issues – it is open to feedback and immune to criticism, it has no fear because it has no desperation or constriction or lack. It is ever abundant. It is neither above nor below anyone else because it knows we are all Spirit wearing different disguises. Therefore when the world around us is swirling with chaos and confusion . . . we are the calm amidst the storm because we can come from within – a place of abundance, and pure joy, and stillness – to truly see all the external aspects of existence but not be dependent upon them working out a certain way.

This moment right now can be the most amazing moment in your life regardless of what is swirling around you. If there is grief or sadness in the air . . . you can choose gratitude. If there is confusion and fear and constriction . . . you can choose abundance. It’s always a choice. And as we live life from the inside out, our experiences continue to blossom and bloom.

Happiness and Forgiveness

You have the ability to be even happier if you understand forgiveness and begin practicing. A line from the Bible states, “When we forgive, we free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the one who hurt us.” Sometimes the person we need to forgive is no longer within our world. And sometimes the person we need to forgive is our self. But there are no shortcuts to forgiveness , so be open to giving the time and attention to the process of forgiveness that it deserves. Sometimes we’re just not ready to forgive. And so if that is you, right now instead give yourself permission to visit the process of forgiveness, and that first step can open the door to deeper self-healing.

In today’s meditation, Chopra Center co-founder David Simon leads us on a meditation on forgiveness and happiness. This meditation was recorded live at the Chopra Center’s Free to Love workshop and is designed as a gentle process for releasing the pain of the past. So find yourself a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed and let yourself experience the healing power of release.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A MOMent

A Moment

Who could believe how you and I retrieved

Both having the deepest of need

Our words washed over us; our souls they would feed

The shortest of moments

Haste, haste rang the bell

You waited – I waited – We joined together

A journey…a walk…half in body; half in Spirit

Wiped away was all fear

As we gently grew near

The shortest of moments

More powerful than the years apart

Survival was not alone, as we spoke of our souls being joined together

And not to forget our heart

Forever it took – to nearly your last breath

Our angel appeared to me at my birth and as my heart was opened

Reminding you and I

We only needed to reach out and take hold of His hand

Solid ground we would land, as we played in the sand

Beautiful, you said

As if you had already met

Our birth…our heart…and now in death

We are now free -- for it was all meant to be

You let me know that you also could see

Our beautiful angel – for you and for me

Thank you for waiting – thank you for hearing – thank you for knowing

For all those years, both feeling so alone

The shortest of moments

Made us feel we were home

Thank you my teacher, my mother, my truth

Let’s run and play as if in our youth

Tears of sorrow have fallen

Tears of joy will soon rise….beyond….beyond…where only love is

It is there that I look to my stars…and blow my last kiss

Samadhi {formerly “Little Edna”}

Saturday, February 20, 2010


DATE: Friday, February 19th 2010

TO: My E-mail friends/co-workers/old & new connections/ALL PEEPS
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FROM: Samadhi Whitehouse
Author, Circles in the Sand & Certified Facilitator of both the Passion Test On-line {PTO} and The Passion Test™

RE: Amazing four-step video from Natalie Ledwell, one of the creators of Mind Movies plus plus…
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I was just told that the video has been watched
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Are you asking what has happened to your well-intentioned New Year's resolutions? Have they disappeared into the dark valley of shame, regret, and discouragement? No worries -- I'm not any pinnacle of virtue either, that's for sure. But I really do not like feeling like yet another statistic when it comes to making lasting and positive changes in life. That's why when I previewed this, I immediately wanted to tell you all about it too. If you're ready for positive change in your life -- not just idle wishing and fantasizing about change -- then you need to watch this short video right now...

Let go of past resolutions and move forward!
Seriously, whether you want to lose flab, find a better job, have a bigger bank balance, or just find that special someone to go through life with, I strongly suggest you give this a shot. It's such a breath of fresh air to see someone talking in a relatable way. I'm not surprised EVERYONE I talk to is raving about it! Nat’s message is so real, positive and do-able...I love it.

The content is seriously life changing, so it's no wonder people from all over the world have been swamping her blog with positive comments. Over 2,000 blog postings!!

You see, Natalie has come up with a systematic approach to truly finding happiness and fulfillment in life that is SO effective, it's almost mind-boggling.
Natalie is one of the driving forces behind the Mind Movies phenomenon, so she does know just a bit about achieving success! But the thing is, like most of us, she still struggled with some issues in life. Specifically, she wanted to drop a few dress sizes and just couldn't get there. Yet she knew and believed all the main ideas behind The Secret and Law of Attraction, but somehow she still couldn't quite make her heartfelt desire to shed the extra poundage into a reality. Frankly, it bugged the heck out of her! So she went on her personal "vision quest" of sorts to see if she could find a way to solve this challenge. Because from her work with so many people, she knew she wasn't alone in her dilemma.
If there's one thing known about Natalie, it's that she is an incredibly caring and generous person. She feels it's practically a calling to support other people who are seeking answers in their journey. So what better way than to find a solution herself?

And don't worry, this isn't about some strange diet of nuts and berries or an exotic exercise routine. That's just the surface issue--this goes much deeper than that and can be applied to ANYTHING you want to accomplish.

It's exciting and inspiring too.

Natalie broke the code! She actually found the missing piece of the puzzle that you MUST have to make the Law of Attraction work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. It's shockingly simple, because it really all begins with just four simple steps. And I don't mean huge, painful, or impossible steps either. I mean truly SIMPLE and EASY steps you can begin today.
And the best part of this is that Natalie insists on making this available to anyone who is truly seeking the answers -- so she is giving these four powerful steps away in this video:

Natalie Gives It Away
The Four Simple Steps

I watched her video several times, and I've got to tell you, I'm in! I'm doing exactly what she so clearly outlines in the video. The question is, will you be in too? If you've got a goal (or two or three!) you sincerely want to accomplish, you should be.

Right off the bat, step #1 clarified so many things for me. I don't know why I didn't think of it already, because it’s such an obvious first step -- but hardly anyone does it. At any rate, rather than go on and on about this in this message, I'd really recommend you just watch the video. It's short and to the point AND Natalie has three incredibly generous gifts for you too, just for watching the video.

So Watch It Now!

To your success,
Samadhi’ Whitehouse

PS: There's another really wonderful benefit that comes from following The Four Simple Steps Natalie lines out for you. You'll find yourself feeling so much happier and energized. More than just a way to accomplish your goals -- this is a recipe for joy and happiness. It's really powerful stuff.


Your Recipe For Happiness

Enjoy! And I'll talk to you again soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PART TWO {oops - part one is just below! ) -.Mind Movies ++ --

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RE: Groundbreaking NEW VIDEO Interview – Yours Free!

I have a very special treat for you today!

This doesn't happen very often but best-selling author, radio host and human potential expert John Seeley was in Sydney, Australia recently and Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies managed to pin him down for a very informative short video interview.

In this candid interview Ryan really gets the low down from John on:

Ø How and why visualization works.

Ø How to get your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind.

Ø The one thing that can make any visualization tool more effective.

Ø How to ignite your motivation towards any goal.

Ø And more...

You can watch this video interview right here:

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Part Two


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